Not just an other Business Retreat

Join us for the ultimate Tech & Wellness Retreat, led by The Wizard of Tech. In just four adventurous days, we'll maximize your efforts to generate 80% of your revenue and profit using only 20% of your time.

- Craft automation solutions to slash 50-80% of manual tasks

- Guarantee at least a 30% increase in revenue

- Achieve 100% time-saving efficiency

This transformative experience removes 'time' as a barrier to success and blends technology with wellness for an unparalleled outcome.

Retreat, Worcation or Bootcamp - What is it?

Ready for your next BREAKTHROUGH?


The Harmonic Retreat is for You When:


You're running a business, big or small, and things just don't seem to be getting better. You feel stuck and frustrated because your/your teams hard work isn't translating into the growth you envisioned.


You find yourself juggling too many tasks, your to-do list never seems to end, and you're overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work. It feels like you're drowning in responsibilities.


You're unsure about using technology to make your business better. It's a mystery, and you're not sure where to start. The tech world seems complicated, and you're hesitant to take the first step.


Are you ready for the next phase in your business and personal journey?

You're a Good Fit If:

- You want to make your business bigger and better.

- You care about making more money and growing smartly.

- You want to feel happier about your business.

- You're ready to work smarter not just harder

- You want your business to work for you, not the other way around.

- You are the creative type but since starting the business you are more involved in running the business and not the passion you actually started it for.

You Face Challenges Like:

- Not having enough time to do everything.

- Not being able to evolve the business to the next level

- Staying in your creative energy

- Finding it hard to focus on the important stuff.

- Feeling unsure about using tech to make things easier.

We Get You If:

- Past coaching didn't work out for you and you are done trying to adapt someone elses strategies to your business

- You don't know what you don't know and need someone to help you see the potential in your business

- You want tailored help because your business is unique

Come If You're Ready to:

- Make your work/team more efficient.

- Make more money, at least 30% more.

- Get back the feeling why you started your business in the first place.

- Change how you think about work.

- Remember that you're more than just your business.


Have The Group Experience with a 100% Personalised Approach

What you will get from this Tech Retreat:

Ever attended a mastermind or an event, absorbing amazing strategies that promise success for your business? You feel invigorated, certain these newfound tactics will elevate your success. But once home, your overflowing to-do list buries these strategies, delaying their implementation indefinitely. That's the cycle we break.

Customized Journey:

Here, we actively WORK on your list, ensuring tangible progress. Tired of being sold someone else's method? We focus on YOUR systems, avoiding the discomfort of forced adaptations.

Pre-Event One-on-One Session:

Before the retreat, engage in a detailed one-on-one session focusing on your specific business goals for automation.

Tailored Blueprint Creation:

From these discussions, a customized step-by-step blueprint is crafted explicitly for your needs, offering comprehensive guidance even for tech newcomers.

Structured Path during the Retreat:

Each participant follows a clear, structured path based on their personalized plan throughout the retreat.

Continuous Guidance and Support:

Receive ongoing support and guidance, ensuring a seamless journey in implementing automation strategies effectively.

Focused on Your Business:

The retreat revolves entirely around your unique business requirements, ensuring a transformative and empowering experience tailored exclusively for you.

Sound like a great fit for you?

Before we started working with Maria Cristina, things were a bit all over the place.We had different people trying to fix different things, but nothing really clicked. Then Maria came along.

Right from the start, she just got us.

She took a good look at how we did things and came back with a plan that made sense.

Thanks to her, our deal closure rate jumped from 9% to 12%.

That’s a third more deals and value for us! She set up this automated system that made everything easier for our sales team.

No more getting stuck in the boring stuff; they could focus on selling. And the leads? They don’t go cold anymore.

The best part?

We’ve made back 8 times what we spent on Maria’s services. Our sales and marketing are on fire, and we’re spending less on ads because we’ve got so many potential deals lined up. Everything in our business, from the first hello to sealing the deal, has improved because of Maria. She’s got this knack for seeing the little details and making everything connect. To put it simply, since Maria came on board, we’ve been making money every month. And we’re still growing! I’d tell anyone to work with her... just not our competitors, okay?

Neil & Caroline CEO & CTO of Regional Broadband

"Maria boosted my time saving like Crazy. I love how she knows how to connect everything in my business."

Jesus Pacheco Founder of Akita

"I am no longer flodded with work when we onboard clients. Actually I am now happy to take on new clients! I am not afraid anymore and I feel much more in control of our processes that we have in place."

Raoul Van Heerden - Founder of eCom-Ads


What others say about my services

Maria Cristina emerged as the true game-changer for my business. She possesses an extraordinary eye for detail, catching every nuance, every minor oversight. Her communication is impeccably clear and transparent, ensuring there’s never ambiguity in understanding. In a single interview, she distilled my vision, converting it into an automation strategy that ensured my business worked for me, rather than the other way around. Simply put, discovering Maria Cristina’s expertise has been the most revolutionary moment for my business since the invention of sliced bread.

Vincent Founder of ProjectPivot

"I was blown away by the opportunities she presented me that were lying in my own business. It was a power packed session."

Danny Den Hartog - Online Business Coach & Founder of Coach Africa

"After working with Maria I finally started getting things done. I got awareness, clarity, more peace and I was gaining time to spend with my family. After she set up my Lead Flow automation I immediately started getting clients."

Anca - Helping married woman to revive their marriagers


Do you really need this retreat?

Let's break down your objections, shall we?

"I'm too busy to take time away from my business."

While it's understandable to feel overwhelmed, this retreat is precisely designed to alleviate that pressure. By automating tasks during the retreat, you'll ultimately save time in the long run, allowing you to focus on high-value activities. We can guarantee a minimum of 50% relieve of tasks that you are currently working on manually every day, week, month.

"I don't know what I don't know."

That's a common concern, and it's completely valid. The world of automation and technology can feel overwhelming, especially when you're unsure of where to begin or what possibilities exist.

Our retreat is designed precisely for individuals in this situation.

Our initial one-on-one session is structured to uncover these blind spots and identify areas where automation can significantly benefit your business.

Think of it as an exploratory journey.

We don't expect you to have all the answers or even know the right questions to ask.

Our role is to guide you through this discovery process.

We'll shed light on the untapped potential within your business processes and introduce automation possibilities you might not have considered.

It's about revealing opportunities that can revolutionize your business operations, even those you might not have been aware of previously.

Moreover, throughout the retreat, you'll be surrounded by a team of experts eager to share their knowledge and insights.

You'll have the chance to learn from the experiences of others, gaining new perspectives and ideas that can further enrich your understanding of automation's possibilities for your business. It's a supportive environment where curiosity and exploration lead to valuable discoveries, making the unknown less intimidating and more exciting

"I'm not tech-savvy; I won't be able to keep up."

You don't need prior tech expertise! Our personalized approach ensures that even if you're new to automation, you'll receive tailored guidance and a step-by-step plan to simplify the process for you.

"I can't afford to invest time and money in a retreat right now."

Think of this as an investment rather than an expense. The time and resources spent here are an investment in your business's future efficiency and profitability. The retreat is designed to guarantee a 30% increase in revenue and 100% time savings.

"I can handle things on my own; I don't need a retreat."

While you're capable, the retreat offers a unique opportunity for intense focus and guidance. Our experts will help you identify blind spots, optimize strategies, and implement automation that you might not have considered otherwise.

Also it is a perfect opportunity to unwind and have meaningful conversations with likeminded people. Either way, you will get something out of it.

But hey, I am not here to convince you. If you really don't want to .... why did you red this far ;-)

Is your gut trying to tell you something here?

"I'm worried I won't see immediate results."

Why do you think I created this event in the first place?

Other business retreats tell you the whats but not the how's and you come home with a massive to do list that you have to work off next to all your other tasks.

This won't happen here.

Before you arrive at the event we'll work closely with you to set realistic goals during the pre-event session and craft a custom plan to achieve them. By the end of the retreat, you'll witness a tangible transformation in your business processes because you DID SLAY that list down to the last atom.

If your Goal is time or money or both, be asured you will get it all. And I am not saying this lightly.

"I'm uncertain if this retreat is suitable for my business type or size."

This retreat caters to various business profiles, from solopreneurs to managers of branches in large companies. Our personalized approach ensures that your unique business needs are addressed, regardless of its size or industry.

But if you are still not convinced, book a quick and free 30 minute discovery call to tackle all your questions and concerns.

"I'm not sure if I'm ready for this level of change."

In je bedrijf en voor jou als ondernemer? Je wilt je business op een duurzame manier laten groeien, weg met dat uurtje-factuurtje

"I've attended other business coaching programs before and haven't seen the promised results."

We understand if you've had less than stellar experiences with previous coaching programs.

Here's the thing - we're NOT coaches.

We're here to take your business, your way of working, and transform it into tech solutions that suit you.

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Your business has its unique structure and preferred methods, and our role is to translate that into technology seamlessly.

We're not here to force predefined strategies onto you.

Instead, we're committed to understanding your business intricately during our personalized sessions.

We take your existing processes, your preferences, and your business goals and translate them into customized tech solutions and of course if we can share some tips and tricks from other people in your niche that we know worked for them, why not right?

It's about making technology work for you, not the other way around.

The retreat isn't about reshaping your business into something unfamiliar. It's about taking what's already working for you and enhancing it using technology.

We're here to empower you by aligning technology with your established business structure, ensuring a smooth transition into automation without disrupting the essence of your business operations.

In summary, this retreat is designed precisely for those who might have doubts or objections. It's crafted to address concerns, provide solutions, and ensure that every participant experiences a profound and positive impact on their business and personal well-being.


Ready To Get Started?

*Dates and Locations of the Retreats will be coming soon

First Retreat Planned: Netherlands - March 2024

Second Retreat Planned: Tuscany - May 2024

Third Retreat Planned: London - June 2024

Harmonic Retreat


Here´s what´s included:







Investment € 2000 - 3500,- ex VAT*

*exact price will be be posted soon
(payment plans possible)


Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a group retreat if it is custom work?

This retreat is not just about inspiration; it's about active implementation. While many events provide ideas, here, we actively work on your business tasks during the retreat, ensuring tangible progress and immediate application of strategies.

How many people will attempt the event?

We will keep a close group of people. This is not a mass production as we want to ensure that every single attendent has the full suppport of our team to ask all the questions they need and get them ALL answered then and there.

Can I get a clearer understanding of how personalized the guidance and support will be throughout the retreat?

Each participant follows a clear, structured path based on their personalized plan we will create prior to the event. You'll receive continuous guidance and support, ensuring a smooth journey in implementing automation strategies effectively.

Questions are encouraged and neccessary to get you to your fully automated system.

I'm not very tech-savvy. Will I be able to keep up with the automation aspects?

Absolutely! The blueprint is designed to be user-friendly, even for those new to tech.

In our innitial session we will assess not only your tech needs but also your comfort level and will make a list of to do's that are actually realistic to get done. Everything is designed to be 100% custom, realistic but giving you that level of challenge you need to get to the next level.

How will this retreat differ from other business events or masterminds?

This retreat is not just about inspiration; it's about active implementation. While many events provide ideas, here, we actively work on your business tasks during the retreat, ensuring tangible progress and immediate application of strategies.

I'm concerned about being overwhelmed with new strategies. How will this event ensure I can implement what I learn?

Our approach involves creating a personalized blueprint before the event, ensuring that strategies are tailored to your specific business needs. Throughout the retreat, you'll follow a structured plan based on your blueprint, receiving continuous guidance and support, making implementation manageable and actionable.

I've been hesitant about adopting someone else's system. How will this retreat cater to my specific business needs without forcing a predefined method on me?

The retreat focuses entirely on your unique business requirements, guaranteeing a transformative and empowering experience tailored exclusively for you. We craft automation solutions based on your business's structure and preferences, avoiding any forced adaptations.

I have concerns about the cost and time investment. Can I expect a return on this investment, and how soon?

Please look at the quick calculation video I made at the top of the page!

In that video I explain EXACTLY how I can guarantee you a 30% revenue increase AND how the costs of the retreat will be calculated into your montly costs. Basically if you get your 30% revenue increase.

You'll likely see a return on investment sooner than anticipated, balancing the cost and gains. So no brainer right?

What are the expected outcomes or transformations I can anticipate by the end of the retreat?

Anticipate tangible transformations: streamlined processes, a 30% minimum increase in revenue, 50-80% reduction in manual tasks, and a profound shift in mindset toward working smarter, not harder.

Please also make sure you watch the video above showing the exact CALCULATION of how I managed this with my previous clients.

Will there be post-retreat support or follow-ups to ensure successful implementation of the strategies learned?

Yes, we will have one included post-retreat support and a group slack channel to keep the network going and keep inspiring each other with strategies.

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