The Breakthrough

Don't let automation hold you back any longer. Take the leap toward success today! Contact us to learn more about how HARMONIC LEAP can transform your organization and propel you toward unprecedented achievements. Together, we'll revolutionize the way you work and pave the way for a brighter future


Ready for your next BREAKTHROUGH?

In the midst of your entrepreneurial journey, you've crafted a vision and rallied a team around your dream. Yet, as your business has grown, so have the complexities and demands that come with it.

Your days are filled with operational minutiae, leaving you with little time to focus on innovation, strategy, and scaling your empire. The gears of progress seem to be clogged with manual processes, stifling the very growth you envisioned.

Meet the Wizard of Tech—a visionary in the realm of technology and automation. She understands the delicate balance between ambition and operational efficiency. With a proven track record of breathing life into businesses through technology, she stands ready to guide you out of the administrative labyrinth. No longer shall you be imprisoned by inefficiency; together, you'll forge a new path, one where technology is harnessed to elevate your team's potential and amplify your business's growth.


I’m here for entrepreneurs just like you…

It starts with you

If you are overwhelmed by tech tools and automations, struggle to balance workload and respond to client requests/colleagues in a timely matter or if you even have more leads than you or your team can handle. Then it is time for a change

I understand your needs

I am a busienss owner myself. I have run a successful marketing agency that almost crubled under the weight of our success. And with that the world of automations opened up for me. 3 years and 50+ businessses later, I know exactly where you are and where you want to go. And believe me when I say this: Nothing is impossible!

Result oriented

Coming from a performance marketing background, believe me, everything is result driven. Every change and every step that is going to be suggested in the audit is 100% data driven. It is a numbers game. I will not only look into you systems but I will exactly show you, by how much you can grow or save time, when implementing the changes I suggest. And full disclosure, I will NOT sponsor any tool or force you to aquire anything you don't want. Personalization starts with YOU. I am here to tailor a system that fits to you not to me or any other business guru out there!

Out of your comfort zone

Change requires trust. And you will need to trust me to tell me everything about your business. No BS. You must step out of your comfort zone and be honest with yourself. Yes, your baby is perfect, but is it? What makes you feel exhausted just by the thought of doing it in the morning? What doesn't bring you joy in your business? What are things you don't like doing but you know have to be done? What are things "nobody else but you" can do?

Are you sure you need that control? Can you trust me that I have your best interest at heart and know that systems work better then people?

Let's step out of your comfort zone and let me show you a different path to success.


This is what you’ll get

Needles to say, this will be achieved only if you as well put your time and effort into the trajectory to give the the opportunity to become your brain. 😉

Is it just an audit?

Oh it is more then just an audit! We will start with an in depth brain picking session. My goal is to become your brain. Where are you now and where do you want to go. Numbers, tools, team, everything will be disected. After the brain picking I will go to work and go into your systems with only your business goal in mind and how you can reach it with the current tools and setup. Is it achievable and what is missing to get there.

What will I get?

First of all, you will get an in depth video analysis in which I will walk you step by step through your potholes and show you, where your hidden potential lies. Is it a frontend or backend problem? Marketing or Sales? And it doesn't stop there. I will also show you the roadmap to success. What needs to be done to get there. I call it "The Build Plan"!

What is the Built Plan?

The Built Plan is a step by step overview of your NEW business structure (see left). It looks like a beautiful enchanted tree that flows naturally from one lead step to the next. It is a comprehensive IF/THEN scenario overview of your lead flow. Perfectly build out for you. Including a Document with the WHY's and priorities of the build.

And don't be scared, it looks overwhelming but I will guide you through it. It is your business and I want to make sure that YOU keep the overview.

Why is it different then any other automation services on upwork or fiverr?

When you hire someone on fiverr, you have to know what the issue is. You have to instruct exactly what you want and need. But in my experience 99% of the times the issue is never that simple or never just that one step in the system. It is the whole system. the coherency from start to finish. It is not a marketing problem or a sales problem! NO! It is a flow problem. So that is why I am looking at the BIG picture to find the small missing pieces that tie everything together.

The Discovery

After the audit is complete, we will hop on our Build Plan overview call and we will go over everything together.

Did I miss anything? Did you forget to tell me anything upfront? Let's include it in the process!

And full disclosure, you will feel a mix of relief and defeat!

Because turning every stone, means uncovering issues you did not know existed.

It will look like your teacher walked through your essay with a red marker and all you see is red.

BUT don't worry, not everything is bad, it just means there is so much more potential to grow. And 50% of the issues are quick fixes. One step changes that can catapult you from a 50k to a 70k month.


What's next?

It is up to you where you want to go from here.

You can keep the audit as a "nice to have" future project that hangs at your wall like a beautiful painting of a country you tell yourself you will visit "one day".


You tackle the bull by the horns.

You take action and you either let me do the work OR teach you and/or your team on how to execute the plan. But I am getting ahead of myself, let's first do the audit shall we?

Sound like a great fit for you?

Before we started working with Maria Cristina, things were a bit all over the place.We had different people trying to fix different things, but nothing really clicked. Then Maria came along.

Right from the start, she just got us.

She took a good look at how we did things and came back with a plan that made sense.

Thanks to her, our deal closure rate jumped from 9% to 12%.

That’s a third more deals and value for us! She set up this automated system that made everything easier for our sales team.

No more getting stuck in the boring stuff; they could focus on selling. And the leads? They don’t go cold anymore.

The best part?

We’ve made back 8 times what we spent on Maria’s services. Our sales and marketing are on fire, and we’re spending less on ads because we’ve got so many potential deals lined up. Everything in our business, from the first hello to sealing the deal, has improved because of Maria. She’s got this knack for seeing the little details and making everything connect. To put it simply, since Maria came on board, we’ve been making money every month. And we’re still growing! I’d tell anyone to work with her... just not our competitors, okay?

Neil & Caroline CEO & CTO of Regional Broadband

"Maria boosted my time saving like Crazy. I love how she knows how to connect everything in my business."

Jesus Pacheco Founder of Akita

"I am no longer flodded with work when we onboard clients. Actually I am now happy to take on new clients! I am not afraid anymore and I feel much more in control of our processes that we have in place."

Raoul Van Heerden - Founder of eCom-Ads


What others say about my services

Maria Cristina emerged as the true game-changer for my business. She possesses an extraordinary eye for detail, catching every nuance, every minor oversight. Her communication is impeccably clear and transparent, ensuring there’s never ambiguity in understanding. In a single interview, she distilled my vision, converting it into an automation strategy that ensured my business worked for me, rather than the other way around. Simply put, discovering Maria Cristina’s expertise has been the most revolutionary moment for my business since the invention of sliced bread.

Vincent Founder of ProjectPivot

"I was blown away by the opportunities she presented me that were lying in my own business. It was a power packed session."

Danny Den Hartog - Online Business Coach & Founder of Coach Africa

"After working with Maria I finally started getting things done. I got awareness, clarity, more peace and I was gaining time to spend with my family. After she set up my Lead Flow automation I immediately started getting clients."

Anca - Helping married woman to revive their marriagers


Do you really need an audit?

Perhaps you're contemplating whether this audit is the missing piece in your puzzle. Or maybe you just want to make sure that there is REALLY nothing else that can be automated in your business.

Consider this: even the most skilled navigator requires a map to traverse uncharted waters.

In the vast landscape of technology, there are treasures waiting to be discovered—innovations that can redefine how you do business. The Tech Wizard audit is your compass, your guiding light to harnessing the power of automation and unlocking the hidden potential within your business.

Embrace the future that awaits—a future where your team soars on the wings of efficiency, where you lead with vision, and where the Wizard of Tech's magic reveals a world of possibility. Because, as the saying goes, you don't know what you don't know—until you dare to discover.

Dive into the realm of automation today, and let the journey toward a transformed business begin.


Ready To Get Started?

The Audit & Build Plan


Here´s what´s included:








*I am not sharing any confidential information about my clients but I will take inspiration from their successful running builds and apply them onto yours, if I see that the strategy and business goals align.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery time of the Audit?

The delivery time is about 1 week (depending on your collaboration and schedule).

How many calls will we have?

We will kick of the week with a brain picking session. Depending on how much time we need, it will be either 1 or multiple sessions (with you and/or your team). Make sure you have everybody that is essential to the business structure in the session.

What info do I need to give you about my business?

To ensure the Tech and Automation Audit is as effective as possible, we'll need some key information about your business. Here's what we'll require:

Business Overview

Tech Stack

Goals and Objectives

Challenges and Pain Points

Team Structure

Customer Journey

Data Handling

Current Automation


Remember, the more detailed and transparent you are about your business, the better equipped we'll be to tailor our recommendations to your unique needs and challenges. Your success is our priority, and this information allows us to create a customized strategy to help you reach your goals.

Do you need log-ins to my tools?

Yes. But don't worry, I work with LastPass and NDA's. Everything is confidential. If you don't know how to send me the log ins in a secure way, I have instruction videos for you on how to do it without showing me the PW :-).

What will be included in the price?

Brain Picking Session(s)

+ After I become your brain I will go ahead and do my magic and I will dive into your systems and create the full build plan (roadmap and wirtten document) with video audit for you.

+ After it is done we will hop on our Build Plan Discovery call in which we will discuss the findings. Anything missing you forgot to mention? No problem, we will add it on the spot.

Will you do the work?

Excellent question!

This specific service, the Tech and Automation Audit, is focused on assessing your current setup, pinpointing areas for improvement, and charting a clear path forward. It's a standalone offer designed to provide you with insights and a roadmap.

Now, if after the audit you're thrilled with the findings and want to take immediate action, you have options. We offer a "Done For You" (DFY) service that can execute the recommendations we identify during the audit. So, it's like a seamless transition from assessment to action.

It's important to note that in our "Done For You" (DFY) package, the Tech and Automation Audit is not only included but is considered a vital first step in every offer we provide.

Are you a business coach or an OBM?

Nah, I'm neither of those.

I'm not here to give you business coaching sessions, teaching you the ropes, and I'm definitely not that OBM or VA who's gonna micromanage your daily grind.

You're no stranger to success. Leads are coming in, but darn it, that next revenue level seems stubbornly out of reach.

So, what's the internet's solution?

"Get a coach, get a new game plan!"

Hold up, let's hit pause.

In my audit gig, what I'm gonna suss out is whether your hiccup's upfront or in the nitty-gritty backend. Front-end?

That's the marketing stuff. If leads are scarce, maybe your positioning's off, and your marketing mojo needs a tweak.

Backend? That's where the action's at – sales, funnels, operations.

And that's where I jump in.

Nope, I am not going to revolutionize your whole deal, and I'm definitely not gonna hook you onto my services for life. With my audit, I'll unravel your business's potential, minus the wallet-draining coaching or extra salary payouts.

Why not just grab a freelancer from Fiverr or Upwork, right?

Those platforms?

Yeah, they've got talent.

But here's the kicker: what I'm offering isn't your typical gig.

I'm not just a quick-fix techie. I'm here to uncover hidden treasures in your business. It's not about a patch-up job; it's about finding the goldmine within your tech and systems.

When you opt for my Tech and Automation Discovery, it's not a one-time spell. It's a journey where I uncover potentials, spot turbocharge zones, and hand you a roadmap to growth.

Fiverr and Upwork? They're like a wizard's quick spell.

What I've got?

More like a wizard guiding you through uncharted lands to find the real treasure.

So, if Fiverr's a pit stop, my Tech and Automation Discovery is the grand adventure – where I'm not just a hand for hire, but a guide to a realm of new possibilities.

What will you do with all the Info i provide about my business?

We understand the need for privacy in your business methods, but trust and transparency are essential for the success of the Tech and Automation Audit.

Think of it like building a house – to create a customized and stable structure, the builder requires a complete blueprint.

Similarly, for a precise audit, we need a full understanding of your business.

Here's why it matters:

Tailored Solutions: The more we know, the better we can tailor recommendations to your needs.

Maximized Benefits: Our goal is to maximize automation benefits, which requires insight into your operations.

Efficiency: Transparency speeds up the audit, identifying issues and solutions faster.

Trust in Our Expertise: Sharing builds trust, allowing us to showcase our commitment to your success.

Rest assured, your information is confidential. We aim to create a trusting partnership to uncover your business's potential. So, please share the necessary details, as it enhances the audit's outcome, just like a complete blueprint ensures a solidly built house.

Don’t let technical sizzle hold you back any longer..

Time is a precious commodity that we can never get back. Don't let technical hassle hold you back from growing your business, pursuing your passions, and enjoying more free time.

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